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May 4, 2015
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July 1, 2015
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Office Cleaning

Productivity of employees of an office as well as satisfaction of customers of the company have a common factor – cleanliness of the office. A clean office environment helps employees pursue a clean and clear working schedule. A clean office is also a hygienic office, and people working in a hygienic environment have less risk of falling sick. So, either way cleanliness helps in enhancing employee productivity. A clean and hygienic office environment including the reception area gives a positive impression to the customer too.

A clean office means that every object that comes in contact with people should be clean. This will prevent transmission of diseases apart from creating a pleasing environment inside. Objects that come in contact with people in an office are many. The lift buttons, the door handles, the photocopier machine, fax machine, telephone, computer key board, the furniture, the cubicles, the individual drawers, the coffee shop, the toilet, the reception area et all. All these objects and areas need to be maintained clean and hygienic in order to gift a good working environment to the employees and a pleasing experience to the customers. In the Chicago area there are a number of services engaged in office cleaning Chicago. They are engaged in comprehensive office cleaning that includes carpet cleaning and janitorial services.

Key characteristics of a good office cleaning Chicago service

Howsoever simple it may sound office cleaning is a comprehensive job and requires some expertise and experience. Only an experienced cleaner can gauge what kind of cleaning material is suitable for which area of the office. There are some areas which come in contact with workers frequently and there are some which do not come into frequent contact. While developing a cleaning program the cleaners also need to have knowledge about various facility managements such as cleaning the server room, locker etc. The type and dilution of chemicals may be different for different areas. The staff may also educate your office executives and others about best hygiene practices.

Office cleaning Chicago

A lot of garbage is accumulated after an office cleaning in Chicago as anywhere else. A lot of electronic junk such as computers, keyboards, scanners, printers, USB devices, hard drives etc may be found from an office. The office cleaning Chicago service must have adequate knowledge about collection and disposal of such toxic stuff. The WEEE norms stipulate that at least 4 kg of material should be recovered per person per year from toxic electronic waste material. So the office cleaning Chicago staff should be aware of the office waste collection as well as disposal norms and bye laws. Moreover, electronic equipment such as computer hard disk, pen drive etc may contain a lot of sensitive data that may become potential miners delight for others. A lot of useful and sensitive information may be leaked to the rivals. So the personnel doing the cleaning services must also have the knowledge of erasing of memory. Memory should be erased irretrievably so that others are not able to use any data from used electronic items.