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January 16, 2016
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Get Your Commercial Kitchen Sparkling With Help from Power Washing Pros


If you own a restaurant or other commercial building with a kitchen, you know how quickly the space can become dirty. Bring in a power washing team like Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago to scour away the grease.

Importance of Kitchen Cleaning & Cleaners:

Restaurant kitchens can get dirty fast, thanks to the large volume of food being prepared each and every day. From baked-on food to layers of cooking grease, your appliances can go from shining to grimy and dingy quickly. While you may have rules about cleanliness and do daily cleaning in your restaurant kitchen, you and your employees might not have the time or energy to devote to scouring every surface so that the space is spotless every morning. That’s where a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Chicago crew comes in. From power washing to scraping and scrubbing at tough grease, cleaning professionals can make your restaurant kitchen look like new again.

The Work Schedule of Commercial Cleaners:

Most commercial cleaning crews are available to work on your schedule. That means if you need to be open for the lunch crowd on Monday, but you don’t close until 11 p.m. Sunday night, you can pay a kitchen cleaning crew to work through the night, or to come in early in the morning. Some cleaning companies also offer emergency services, meaning that if you have a grease trap overflow and are worried about a grease fire, they’ll be on site as soon as possible. A commercial cleaning business knows that your livelihood depends on serving customers during business hours, so they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

A Complete Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Chicago Might Include:

Power Washing: Sometimes layers of grease and grime won’t come off even if you scrub as hard as you can. Utilizing the same technology that gets accumulated grime off buildings and sidewalks, a commercial cleaning crew can direct a high-powered spray of soap and water at caked-on grime. Pressure washing essentially blasts away material that won’t come off any other way.

Deep Scrubbing: Once the hardest grease deposits have been loosened and washed away, it’s time to dig deep and get grime out of every nook and cranny. Your cleaning crew will scrape, scrub, and soak the cooking surfaces, exhaust fans, ranges and hoods, and all other kitchen appliance surfaces. You may also request floor cleaning at this point. When this phase is done, your kitchen won’t just look clean-it will actually be clean and healthy.

Polishing: Most commercial kitchens boast stainless steel appliances, as they’re easy to wipe down and provide a consistent look in the space. The final phase in a commercial cleaning process is to polish the steel and make the kitchen shine.