The development in food hygiene & safety regulations in the recent years has augmented the demand for commercial kitchen cleaning in the US. It ensures a thorough and deep cleaning of the food preparation area that needs everything from food hygiene to fire safety. Each and every business involved in food handling and preparation should follow the rules surrounding the standard of hygiene that is essential for avoiding the risk of contamination.

Cleaning Services:
  • General cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Drain blockage prevention
  • Ventilation cleaning
  • Extraction cleaning
  • Cleansing cooking equipment
  • Canopy/filter cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Structural cleaning
Professional Kitchen Cleaning:

At Green Element Chicago, we have a professional cleaning team who provide high quality and insured services for hotels, restaurants, care homes, cafeterias, B&B’s, and all other premises that have commercial kitchens. Our experts will clean everything back to their genuine state from, canopies to filters, extractor fans, tiles, floors, ovens, deep fat fryers, and grills that must be cleaned in a regular interval.

Advantages of professional cleaning:

  • You will be able to avoid the risk of prosecution
  • You will be able to create a better working environment for the employees
  • You will be able to reduce the risk of contamination by bacteria
  • No pest infestation
Why Green Element is the right option for your business?

No matter how well your staff looks after the kitchen, an experienced cleaning service provider will maintain the hygiene standard required for the food preparation industry in order to ensure your establishment is up to scratch. If you hire our experts, you will have a germ free and fresh smelling kitchen; most importantly adhere to the health and safety guidelines.

Don’t take the risk…stay clean and safe. For more information regarding our services or to request a free quote, call us now at (773) 609-4770 or email:>