As per the CDCP each year around 1 in 6 Americans or 48million people get sick from contagious diseases. These diseases mostly spread because of the hidden dirt and germs that we miss out in our cleaning process.  So, with a proper one time deep cleaning you can easily have a neat and tidy home free from diseases.

Germs Prone Areas
  • Kitchen:  the blender, can opener, flatware storage tray, food storage containers with rubber seals, knife block, microwave keypad, pizza cutter, spatula, strainer and the refrigerator ice dispenser, water dispenser and meat and vegetable compartments.
  • Door knobs,  handle and Switches
  • Makeup bag
  • Dirty Laundry- Piled up dirty clothes
  • Gadgets in offices and home
  • Bathroom
Effects of the Hidden Germs and Bacteria

Bacteria can split every 20 minutes rapidly spreading everywhere. Some of such bacteria and germs get into your bodies mutating into things that your body may not recognize. These germs can get you affected by diseases like Cholera, typhoid, pneumonia, dysentery, tuberculosis, tetanus, loss of fertility. Some Deep Cleaning Tips

Some deep cleaning activities that you must include in your routine cleaning are:

  • Hang your brooms and mops instead of storing them on the floor.
  • Use slow cooker liners.
  • Remove any carpet stain
  • Use an iron to remove REALLY stubborn stains from carpet.
  • Invest in a “Purifying Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System.”
  • Clean your clean machine: the washer
  • Use a dish scrubber filled with dish soap to clean the gunk off your cabinets.
  • Clean your sink drain, window tracks.
  • Refresh your mattress.
  • Keep baseboards clean with fabric softener.
  • Dust first, and then vacuum.
Our Services

Allowing you to be dedicated in your work we bring upon one time deep cleaning services. In this way we help you to get yourself free from the hidden germs and bacteria in your houses, offices, gyms, restaurants, hospitals you were unaware of.  We present you a clean and hygienic environment wherever you step your foot. We save your time which you can spend in any productive work you love to do or with family and friends.