C ustomers quickly judge the quality of your products, services and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility - particularly your restrooms. Green Element Cleaning Services, knows that the details matter. Our healthy cleaning program is an unique cleaning program that reduces the spread of illness-causing germs and odors, so that your business remains looking as good as new.

Retail outlets and restaurants are serving thousands of customers, but customers enjoying these services are sometimes carrying with them something more than they come with – infections. People visiting such places are touching the shelves, products, tables, chairs, utensils etc and also using the washroom. Germs and bacteria from your customers can contaminate these common and shared surfaces, products and utensils and result in infections for others. MRSA, Norovirus, cold and flu virus etc are some of the common germs that can infect your customers. To prevent this you should clean up your restaurant or retail outlet on a regular basis. We can help you in cleaning up and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment inside your shop or restaurant. This will also enhance your customer satisfaction.

The fact

While the shelves, cupboards etc in the kitchen in a restaurant are infested with fats, mice and other infectious agents, the tables, utensils and cutlery in the serving area in a restaurant are handled by waiters and others and are prone to contamination. Gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, chickenpox, glandular fever, salmonella, hepatitis A & B, measles, mumps etc are some of the common infections coming from these places. Norovirus, which causes severe vomiting and diarrhea, is often found to occur in such facilities. In retail outlets customers are touching products, shelves etc with their bare hands and transmitting contaminations to these products and places. These contaminations may be picked up by other customers and cause illnesses. Moreover, the floors of these facilities are frequented by a number of people and also harbor germs of different varieties.

To offer your customers a clean and hygienic environment inside the area you can rely on us.

Our services

Through our tried and tested healthy cleaning services we can reduce the chances of spread of infection causing agents and offer a clean environment. Treating the various contaminated surfaces with sanitizers and cleaning agents regularly will also do away with the odor and help in maintaining the sanctity of your restaurant or retail outlet.