Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

We offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services that make the whole area hygienic. Our expert cleaners will vacuum all the carpeted areas in your premises, clean the mirrors and glass on the spot, sanitize all the resting places with chemicals, remove all the trash which may be a threat to hygiene, dust all the shared surface areas such as tables, cupboards etc that come in regular contact with people and also mop tiled flooring in commercial premises which may harbor dangerous bacteria and virus. We will also restock supplies and educate your staff about keeping the areas clean and hygienic.

Commercial Cleaning Services

To enhance the productivity of your office and customer satisfaction in your business premises you can depend on us. We are engaged in cleaning commercial centers of all size and type. We render shops, retail outlets, offices and other places free from germs and make them healthy for all and conductive to business. Cleaning will consist of but is not limited to:

Commercial places such as shops, retail outlets, offices and other business premises are host to a number of virus, bacteria and fungi. In shops and business premises there are a number of shared surfaces such as chairs, tables, counters, door handles, elevator buttons etc. People are frequenting these places throughout the day and touching these surfaces with their bare hands. Thus, these surfaces get contaminated with various microorganisms. When others touch these infested surfaces they contract the infections and may fall ill.

In offices employees and vendors are using the computers, keyboards, printers, photocopiers, chairs, tables, cafeteria, bathrooms,  etc and some of them are contaminating these surfaces. When others touch these surfaces or use these areas they are at the risk of contracting infections. This may result in loss of several man-days in offices and less customer satisfaction in business premises and commercial centers.

Hire Green Element to mitigate these risks, this frees you to focus on your customers, while knowing that your business will be clean and well taken care of. Request your quote today!

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