Corporate Cleaning

Your office environment is home to unseen germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your staff. Cleaning for appearance isn’t enough post COVID-19. Our green corporate cleaning program improves the quality of your business and the environment.

Corporate Cleaning Services

Green Element has established the industry’s highest standards of performance to ensure you consistently benefit from the optimal levels of corporate office cleaning services in the business.  Our corporate cleaning plan includes the following:

We help in maintaining cleanliness through office cleaning. We can help you in office cleaning to make it germ free and boost your productivity by regularly attending the office equipments which your staff uses on a regular basis.

We will also educate your staff about best office cleaning practices that will make them less prone to different bacteria and germs. We offer regular elevator cleaning services, office equipment cleansing services, office environment cleaning services etc.

We will clean the water fountains in your office with chemicals so that they do not become breeding grounds for different insects and germs.

We will also clean up the office equipments such as the photocopier, telephone sets, computer keyboard etc regularly so that your staff do not contract germs from them.

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