Daycare & School Cleaning

Parents have entrusted you to impart education to their little bundles of joy in your school or daycare facility. Kids are playful and do not care for hygiene. However, they are also the ones who are most prone to infections. They are often found to be suffering from cough and cold, flu and other maladies. What if they are acquiring these infections from your school? This is possible since schools and day care facilities are thriving grounds for millions of germs, bacteria and virus. You must strive to ensure that no child gets infected in your school or daycare facility and wastes some playful days on the bed whining and moaning. Even the faculty in your school should be secured, and we can help you do that.

Daycare and School Cleaning

We offer cleaning programs for daycare facilities and educational institutions that helps both the students and the faculty stay away from various infectious agents. We help preserve the sanctity of educational and training material, appliances and toys which are shared by all the children. Our services include the following:

Educational facilities can become a breeding ground for many types of sicknesses and diseases, if the building is not maintained properly. Our green cleaning program keeps classrooms pristine while protecting students from dangerous chemicals. Green Element offers more than just competitive pricing. We provide your campus with a sense of security and trust.

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