Gyms and Fitness Centers

While inspiring people to take to the gym to improve health and fitness, you should be aware of the health risks posed by the environment of your gym or fitness centre itself. Health and fitness centers may be infested with a host of germs and bacteria. The moist and warm environment often found inside such facilities is ideal for the growth of such microorganisms. We can help you to get rid of all these and offer a clean environment to the customers of your fitness center. This will also enhance the reputation of your gym.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Warm, moist environments are ideal homes for bacteria and germs. Green Element Gym Cleaning Services helps eliminate the risk posed by germs. Our gym cleaning service program includes the following: 

  • Removal of 99.97% of bacteria, allergens and dust (to .3 microns) from the air
  • Prevention of the spread of bacteria from one area to another
  • Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Gyms and fitness centers have unique cleaning needs, including challenges few other businesses ever have to deal with. Your customers expect a clean and healthy space in which to exercise. We take extra care to disinfect all high-touch areas including, training equipment, locker rooms, showers, and changing areas.

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