Safety, security and alertness are essential when cleaning production environments. Green Element Cleaning Service employess are trained to provide reliable cleaning services for manufacturers of all types and sizes. A clean manufacturing facility is a safer and more productive one in several important ways. Clean floors, bathrooms, cafeterias and surfaces look nice and create a positive work environment for your employees, vendors and customers. And, just like any other work environment, industrial plants also harbor germs and bacteria that can quickly spread around your facility, creating illness that can sap your company’s productivity.


Manufacturing spaces require cleaning and maintenance that other types of facilities don’t. We can help you disinfect the entire manufacturing area and ensure a sound working environment to your staff. Our manufacturing cleaning solutions helps you achieve the following: 

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Reduced Spread of Disease
  • A Safer, Healthier Work Environment
  • A Positive, Professional Appearance

The production floor, bathrooms, cafeteria, locker rooms, labs, crèche, store room, loading docks as well as tools and equipments are being used by a number of workers regularly, and these are the most prominent hiding places for all the virus and bacteria. This not only endangers your staff, but also the vendors supplying materials for the production process. Surfaces of all the machines, tools etc are infested with such microorganisms. This creates a risky environment on a production floor, and staff involved in the manufacturing process are at the risk of infections. Whether you need cardboard broken down and recycled, or a warehouse cleaned from corner to corner, Green Element will work with you to ensure that your business gets the attention it needs.

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