Retail and Restaurants

Customers quickly judge the quality of your products, services and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility – particularly your restrooms. Green Element Cleaning Services, knows that the details matter. Our healthy cleaning program is an unique cleaning program that reduces the spread of illness-causing germs and odors, so that your business remains looking as good as new.

Retail and Resturants

The appearance of your retail store should boost the customer experience. Our team has the experience and skills to keep your store spotless and fresh. 

It's mandatory that your restaurant remains clean and sanitary. Poor cleaning practices, especially in the kitchen, could result in health-code violations or illness in customers.

The cleaning experts at Green Element ensure that every area of your restaurant or retail store is correctly sanitized, disinfected and cleaned. 

Our cleaning program includes:

Retail outlets and restaurants are serving thousands of customers, but customers enjoying these services are sometimes carrying with them something more than they come with – infections. People visiting such places are touching the shelves, products, tables, chairs, utensils etc and also using the washroom. Germs and bacteria from your customers can contaminate these common and shared surfaces, products and utensils and result in infections for others. MRSA, Norovirus, cold and flu virus etc are some of the common germs that can infect your customers. To prevent this you should clean up your restaurant or retail outlet on a regular basis. We can help you in cleaning up and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment inside your shop or restaurant. This will also enhance your customer satisfaction

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